Hello! I’m Laura.

As a singer-songwriter, producer and recording artist based in Atlanta, My passion for music began when I was just four years old. I’d listen to my mother play the piano and even at such a young age it moved me in an indescribable way; I knew music was my calling. Among many other music activities, I began taking private lessons, and continued until I was 18. I then went on to study Music Composition at The University of Northwestern in St. Paul, Minnesota. Since receiving my Bachelors in Music, I have gone on to write for many other musicians and composers such as world-renowned film composer Christopher Young among others. I have had the joy of performing for over 100,000 people across the U.S. in major cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Charlotte and Atlanta, as well as events for NBCUniversal, MTVVMAs, Sprint, Rocnation and many others.

Learning how to read, write and play music paved the way for me to foster my passion and creativity as well as create a very successful career for myself with music!

I am SO excited for the opportunity to bring the knowledge and joy of music to as many people as possible through this online course!


ANY and ALL! Laura has created several different online courses to best suit your desired goals! Choose the course that best fits what you are looking to learn!


P.W.R – Perform – This 90 minute workshop is ideal for the beginning/intermediate performer who is looking for tips and techniques to enhance their performance skills! In this workshop, we will go over things such as posture, breath control, and emotional connection to the audience.


P.W.R – Write – This 90 minute workshop is ideal for beginner/intermediate students who are already somewhat proficient in reading music. In this workshop, we will briefly refresh fundamentals of reading music and discuss thing such as good song structure, lyrics, and instrumentation.


P.W.R – Read – This 90 minute workshop is ideal for beginner/intermediate students who are either brand new to reading music, or are somewhat proficient and looking to brush up. In this workshop, we will review things like reading the staff, notes, and chords.


P.W.R – Studio – This 90 minute workshop is specifically for artists, producers, beat makers, and engineers. Alot of studios operate on programs such as Protools, Logic, and FL that are built on key fundamentals of music theory. In this workshop, we will go over chord fundamentals, basic music theory, identifying different instruments and any questions you may have about the technical side of music.


P.W.R – Piano – This 90 minute workshop is like a large group piano lesson! This workshop is for beginner or intermediate piano players. In this workshop, we will go over the basic fundamentals of music, as well as knowing the notes and keys on the piano. Keyboard, Piano and/or printed copy of a piano is strongly recommended for this workshop.


P.W.R – Violin – This 90 minute workshop is like a large group violin lesson!! This is ideal for beginner or intermediate violin players. In this workshop, we will go over the basic fundamentals of music, as well as fundamentals of holding a violin, finger placement, bowing and strings.


NONE! The only requirement is to have a passion for music and a desire to learn!


No problem. I would suggest a notebook or electronic device on which to take notes just as you would in a class. An instrument is not necessary! As this will be a LIVE interactive course, I will be teaching using my piano, as well as a white board. You will have full access to me as your instructor and are free to ask any questions during the class or via email.