Thank you for visiting We have been preparing for a national radio tour in association with iHeartMedia and Universal Music Group, however due to COVID and for the health safety of all those involved we have temporarily paused the tour. Laura is excited to also be participating in a southeast regional virtual college tour sponsored by iHeartMedia, that will take place in Fall 2020.
These opportunities are offered to a very select few individuals and Laura is humbled and honored to be a part of them. These opportunities are vital in order to reach the greatest amount of people possible in order to make the largest impact possible. Especially in the time we are living in today, It is her vision and intention that the music be a catalyst for positivity, change, love, empowerment and inspiration in the world, for people of color, women, young girls and all others it may touch.
We have put together a majority of the funding necessary for these opportunities, though we are still in need of more support. Our goal is to raise to raise a total amount of $35,000.
Checkpoint goals
– August 20 – $10,000 raised
– September 5 – $20,000 raised
Total Goal – $35,000
If you are interested in supporting the movement and helping us further the vision of the music please use one of the following options:
VENMO – @laura_dowding
CASHAPP – $LauraEDowding
ZELLE – Laura Dowding
and write #lauradowdingmusicmovement in the notes.
As well as teaching and working on her radio tour, Laura is studying for her Masters in Business Marketing at Nova Southeastern University in order to further educate and prepare herself for her career in the music business. If you would like to consider your contribution a scholarship towards her education you may also do so by notating #lauradowdingscholarship in the notes.
For cashier’s or personal check, please contact Laura or her team directly.
We hope Laura and her music have made a positive impact on you enough to lead you here, and that you would help foster the ability for her to make the same impact on countless others. Blessings
Laura Dowding Music Team
***An update will be posted on August 27,2020 in regards to tour as well as our progress towards the goal. Upon contribution you will be emailed official documentation of your contribution. Any and all funds go 100% directly to support all cost for the tour. In addition all scholarships will be used to further Laura’s business education in conjunction with her music business career.